Ready to Become a Project Manager? Here are Four Interview Questions to Prepare For!

Project management is an exciting career and PMs are in high demand. Every project management job interview will be unique, but there are important themes you will encounter on nearly any PM interview you go on. As you look ahead to your next interview, prepare for these four questions.

“Get your certification through the Project Management Institute for greater credibility! Get your foot in the door as a contractor and utilize some of the newer tools available to demonstrate your initiative into becoming a Project Manager. Tools that are getting hot results include Smartsheet, MS Project, Trello, ZoHo Projects, Base Camp and Social Juke Box!” says Sharon Tsao, CMO, Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

Describe Your Project Management Process

With this question, hiring managers are looking to uncover whether you are familiar with the process they use at their company, and how well you communicate. Talk about the methodologies you are familiar with and comfortable with, and always emphasize collaboration. Most companies are looking for project managers who step up and lead throughout a project, but who also understand the value that each team member brings and who focuses more on the big picture than themselves.

How Do You Deal with Difficult Team Members?

Ideally, every team member will hit their deadlines and deliver quality results. In reality, you’ll often find yourself chasing someone down or talking to someone about their ability to deliver what you need. There are many approaches for constructively and proactively handling difficult people, the key is to showcase your ability to lead and keep the project running smoothly, without adding to conflict or acting in an authoritarian manner. Talk about times you helped someone improve their own process at a previous job.

Tell Me About A Time A Project Failed

Failure is a natural part of life, and it is important to answer this question honestly. While it’s possible you have never been involved in a failed project, it’s not likely, so resist the urge to say you’ve never failed. The hiring manager isn’t trying to trap you or trick you, here. They know that projects can go over budget, get behind on delivery, increase in scope, etc. The question is really about learning how you deal with challenges and overcome failures. The key is to be concise when setting up the failure, and elaborate on what you learned from the situation and how it has made you a better professional today.

Tell Me About A Project You Did Not Find Enjoyable

This is another question where you may be tempted to stretch the truth and say you’ve enjoyed every project you’ve ever been a part of, but hiring managers know this is simply not true. Most people are well-suited for certain types of projects, and the employer needs to know if you are a good match. Saying you love every type of project sends the message that you either don’t actually know what you’re doing, or that you are unwilling to admit your weaknesses and limitations. Honesty is the only way to find a job that truly suits you.

Are You Looking for A Project Management Job?

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