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Ready to Become a Project Manager? Here are Four Interview Questions to Prepare For!

Project management is an exciting career and PMs are in high demand. Every project management job interview will be unique, but there are important themes you will encounter on nearly any PM interview you go on. As you look ahead to your next interview, prepare for these four questions. “Get your certification through the Project Management Institute for greater…

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Are You Asking The Right Interview Questions?

Hiring Managers, are you asking the right questions during the interview or are you simply following a process? Asking the right questions during the interview is critical to uncovering the skill and experience level of the candidate but also determining if they possess the core values of your company. Job Seekers, are you listening to the question and answering…

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How to Prepare for a Behavioral Job Interview

A style of interviewing that is very popular with employers is known as the behavioral interview method. Behavioral interviewing focuses primarily on asking questions that are related to the job within the scope of a candidate’s experiences, knowledge skills and abilities. The underlying rationale is clear – past experiences and behaviors are predictive of future performance and capabilities. Thus,…

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